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Termites are beneficial insects in nature. They breakdown cellulose and in the process return nutrients to the soil. But when they infest structures, termites do more damage than fires, storms and earthquakes combined.

  • Termites can found in almost every state. They feed on wood and may also destroy paper products such as books, cardboard boxes and variety of other items. Even buildings with steel framing & masonry walls are targets because of the wooden door and window frames, cabinets & shelving within the buildings
  • A termite colony is large, composed of the queen, king, winged reproductive, swarmers soldiers and workers

Signs of Termite Infestation:

  • Termite workers: more numerous & cause of all the termite damage. A property owner seldom sees the Worker termites, but in the spring or fall he may see swarming “Winged reproductive” termite adults.
  • Using “Shelter tubes” or “Mud tubes” termites invades a structure through cracks & crevices and attack the wood.

Typical sites of termite activity:

  • Your pest management Professional knows how to uncover termite activity.
  • There are several clear indication of termite infestation. In the spring in most part of the country and in the fall in others, reproductive swarmers emerge in great numbers. Sometimes, you may see them swarm, or you may only see signs that they have swarmed. Their wings break off after flight and you may find piles of wings that have dropped off. Often, you will miss the swarm, so be sure to look for other signs of damage to wood or visible mud tubs.
  • If you become aware of any of the signs of termite infestation, or your neighbors have termites, call Ugott Pest Control who is trained to use “Termidor”. We will inspect inside your home and around your home looking for areas that are vulnerable to termite infestation. Your Ugott Pest Control professional will examine areas where termites forage for moisture and food, giving special attention to conditions which are conducive to termite attack such as crack, voids, and spaces where wiring and utilities pass through walls and slabs.
  • Ugott Pest Control professionals are well trained in termite behavior. He or she know where to look for termites and can determine how they got there. They also know about available treatment options, and how to use them to protect your home for years to come.

How Termites enter the Home:

The most common termite, the subterranean builds its nest in the ground. These termites construct mud tubes, which are used to explore for food and connect their underground nest to that food source. They can enter a building without direct wood contact with the soil through such tubes. Termites can enter buildings trough cracks, expansion joints, hollow bricks or concrete blocks around plumbing. They can find their way into a structure through an opening as small as 1/32 of an inch. Depending on type of building structure, whether constructed with slab, basement, or crawl space foundations, can be a target for termite infestation.

Inspection & Control

A through inspection by a termite control specialist is the first and most important step in protecting your property. “Experienced” eye can locate the specific areas in your structure where termite attack is likely to occur. Then the specialist will design a treatment plan for your home or business that will control any current Infestation and establish a chemical barrier around the structure to inhibit further termite entry.

We service all types of properties whether it is residential, commercial, or Industrial. Ugott Pest Control is proud to offer its customers the newest and best in termite control products such as TermidorĀ®

Ugott Pest Control currently offers the conventional liquid barrier treatment, It is truly revolutionary way to treat your property with the conventional liquid barrier, we will either dig a trench around the four side of the building, or drill a small hole through the floor or concrete slab and inject the chemical into the soil around or underneath the building.

  • Create a continuous barrier in the soil underneath and around the exterior perimeter of the home
  • Works in 3 months or less
  • Eliminates termites by ingestion and/or contact